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The 'Perfect Storm'

Due to the convergence of environmental concerns, the rising cost of traditional (fossil) fuels and pressures on governments to enact programs to stimulate our sluggish economy, there has never been a better time for government incentives for renewable energy. Programs vary, but billions of dollars are now being given out right to projects throughout the country.

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All areas are not created equal.

Incentives vary based on the type, size, location and user of the system. Depending on these factors, you may be eligible for incentives ranging from ten percent to one hundred percent of the installed cost of the system. Careful planning and consideration should go into navigating these factors to ensure that you receive the maximum incentives for your project.

"By combining Federal and state tax credits and deductions, utility rebates, private grants and  specialized loan programs, Incentives Scout was able to show me how I could install a $200,000 biomass system with no upfront costs and a payback of less than 18 months!"



Precise and confidential. Multilingual legal support for depositions, discovery, contracts, intellectual property, and more.


Meaningful language access for hospitals, providers, and patients. Removing language barriers for more efficient care and better patient outcomes.


Navigate diverse markets with expert guidance. Achieve better business outcomes across the language divide.

Workers' Comp

Specialized and comprehensive language services for all aspects of workers' compensation: legal appointments, investigations, medical evaluations, treatment and more.


Build stronger bonds with your diverse community and constituents. For local governments, schools and educators, social services and non-profits.

Personal Documents

Document Translation

Certified document translations for personal and official use: birth certificates, marriage licenses, diplomas and academic records and apostilles.

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Pick a language, any language. With our broad network of linguists, we cover over 200 languages. Pricing and availability may change depending on the area of service, so read more about our Expert Network, or Get In Touch to receive a tailored quote.

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