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Film and Production Incentives

Over the past ten years, states have been increasingly interested in attracting film projects and have devoted significant resources to that goal. As a result, there are a multitude of programs available to filmmakers. This includes not only the film credits, many of which are now cash rebates instead of tax credits, but also hiring incentives, training incentives and even direct cash payments from local jurisdictions.

This is where Incentives Scout can help you, we have an up to date knowledge of all film tax credit programs to help you make an educated decision on where is the best region to film your movie.

Film Credits are Only the Beginning
Incentives Scout's core focus is in sifting through this information and determining which programs are a good fit for your project. We will then take care of all the administrative requirements to ensure that you apply on time, get certified, and then perform all of the necessary reporting to capture all of these different programs.

Also, we assure that if there are savings to be had in hiring incentives or any other tax incentives then you can rest assured that we will take care of all of that as well. That is what sets us apart in the industry.

Transferable Vs. Refundable
Most film credit consulting groups have a vested interest into making sure their clients use transferable credits because they are also in the business of selling those credits. This limits the pool of states available to production companies by two thirds.

At Incentives Scout our only business is finding the best fit for our clients, regardless if the state offers transferable credits or not. In fact, in many cases refundable credits can be more beneficial to a production company than transferable credits.