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Why Us

Incentives Scout exists to bridge the gap between government funds and businesses. This is critical to alleviate the cumbersome bureaucracy involved in obtaining training grants and hiring incentives and other business incentives to increase your company's profitability.

Incentives Scout Makes It Easy

Leveraging technology and expertise in nationwide incentives, Incentives Scout provides negotiation, compliance management and screening services to help businesses capitalize on the numerous grants and incentive programs available through local, state and federal agencies.


The Incentives Scout team includes former Big 4 practice leaders, Fortune 100 executive management, CPAs, and technology experts.

Over the past twenty years, the executive management team has secured over $10 Billion in tax credits, grants and other business incentives for its clients. Incentives Scout's strategic partnerships help companies make it easy to capture these programs as well as leverage their investment in HR technology.

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Incentives Scout delivers tax incentive services
and provides its clients with professional help.
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